Happy Belated Food Day!

(Almost) just in time for the start of this new blog, yesterday was the first ever Food Day, and New York City made the most of it, creating a new website called NYC Food (http://www.nyc.gov/html/nycfood/html/home/home.shtml). This new website is part of the larger campaign that has taken place in the city over the past few years, led by Mayor Bloomberg, and this new website goes into depth discussing this campaign:

Under Mayor Bloomberg, New York City has been a leader in implementing policies like calorie labeling and the transfat ban, in order to help make healthful eating easier for everyone. These efforts are part of a broader food policy, aimed at promoting healthy food, promoting food security, and improving the sustainability of our food system. (via NYCFood)

While past tactics for this healthy eating campaign have included advertisements and pieces of legislation (both of which will be examined in future blogs), this latest strategy, along with the creation of the new website, is far more 21st century. The city has created a Tumblr page (http://nycfoodrecipes.tumblr.com/) where anyone can submit easy and healthy recipes that New Yorkers (or anyone else who reads the Tumblr) can cook at home. The website itself explains the health benefits of cooking:

When we cook, we tend to eat less processed and more whole foods, fewer fried foods, and drink less soda. Research has shown that kids who frequently eat meals with their families are less likely to be overweight. And cooking together has other benefits too: it gets people thinking about their food, what goes into it, where it comes from…and it’s a way to bring people together. (via NYC Food Recipes Tumblr)

Essentially, the city is using crowdsourcing as a tool to promote healthy eating, and I personally think this is a FANTASTIC idea. Hopefully, New Yorkers will visit this site and be inspired to more frequently make the healthy choice of cooking. I think that reading about a new recipe from a fellow New Yorker, as opposed to simply reading a government website, might have a more influential effect. At the time of this posting, there are already 7 full pages of recipes!

Clearly, the NYC government has recognized that the goals of this campaign cannot be accomplished by the City alone, but rather must be a group effort that involves the citizens of this city as well:

Government cannot successfully address these issues alone; we need your help. Everyone has a role to play in making changes in our food system and our diets. Food Day is an opportunity to talk about what we can all do to improve the health of our City, and how, together, we can move toward a healthier future for all New Yorkers. (via NYCFood)

This Tumblr page is hopefully the first of many uses of crowdsourcing by the NYC government as a way to bring people together and promote healthy food choices, and if you ask me, I think they’re on the right track.


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  1. Posted by Don on October 25, 2011 at 8:03 pm

    FYI – Your tumblr link goes to a nacho site


  2. […] started a Tumblr site for New Yorkers to share easy and healthy recipes with one another, which I thought was a fantastic idea and an excellent use of crowdsourcing. Now it appears that similar strategy is being used by Slow Food USA as a tool to promote better […]


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