More Crowdsourcing for Improving Food Policy

Hopefully this trend continues.

First, the New York City government started a Tumblr site for New Yorkers to share easy and healthy recipes with one another, which I thought was a fantastic idea and an excellent use of crowdsourcing. Now it appears that similar strategy is being used by Slow Food USA as a tool to promote better and healthier food policies. Slow Food USA is a wonderful organization that works to increase the awareness of and access to healthy, high quality foods:

Through national advocacy, local projects and bringing people together through the common language of food, Slow Food USA members and supporters are making it easier to access real food that is good for us, good for those who produce it and good for the planet. (via Slow Food USA)

Recently, Slow Food USA created their own Tumblr site, My Recipe For Change, which asks supporters of the slow food movement (and everyone else!) to submit their ideas and pictures for how the food system in America could be improved. People are also invited to write in and post pictures of the steps they are taking to support this movement.

Doing his part.

In addition, the Tumblr site makes it easy for users to write the Congressional Super Committee and stress the importance of reforming the food system and improving food policies. The letter stresses 3 important policy changes:

To balance the budget and drive local economies, the Super Committee needs to:

    1. Reform subsidies for commodity crops like corn and soy.
    2. Protect all funding for nutrition assistance programs (food stamps.)
    3. Maintain funding for conservation, new farmers, and other programs that support sustainable farmers and ranchers. (via Slow Food USA)
I encourage everyone to check out My Recipe For Change, submit your own pictures and ideas, and write the Congressional Super Committee about making these vital changes. The letter contains some powerful language about the why such policy changes are needed:

We have a vision for healthy children, healthy land, and a reinvigorated economy. The way we grow and share food is at the heart of that vision. When you sit down to figure out how to find a few billion dollars from food and farming programs, seize that opportunity to finally move our food system in the right direction. Make sure that at the heart of your decision is a vision for a better world, one in which everyone can eat food that is good for them, for the land, and for the farmers. (Via Slow Food USA)

Couldn’t have said it better myself.


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