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The Dark Side of Food Campaigns, Part 3

So after talking about how big beverage corporations have been targeting their marketing campaigns towards young people, and discussing how the Bloomberg administration has been using an advertising campaign to combat overconsumption of these sugary beverages, I think it’s worth examining a more recent battle of food campaigns. The issue/mini case study at hand: calorie counts. Continue reading


The Dark Side of Food Campaigns, Part 2

So at this point, it’s clear that big soda and beverage companies haven’t curtailed their marketing campaigns targeted at children and young adults. On the contrary, the marketing towards this demographic has only increased, and the health implications that could result from this have been well-documented.

So, what can be done to combat this? Continue reading

Happy Belated Food Day!

(Almost) just in time for the start of this new blog, yesterday was the first ever Food Day, and New York City made the most of it, creating a new website called NYC Food ( This new website is part of the larger campaign that has taken place in the city over the past few years, led by Mayor Bloomberg, and this new website goes into depth discussing this campaign:

Under Mayor Bloomberg, New York City has been a leader in implementing policies like calorie labeling and the transfat ban, in order to help make healthful eating easier for everyone. These efforts are part of a broader food policy, aimed at promoting healthy food, promoting food security, and improving the sustainability of our food system. (via NYCFood) Continue reading