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Let’s Move… away from talking about food?? *Addendum*

Maybe I spoke too soon?

After blogging about the same topic, Marion Nestle was contacted by Sam Kass, White House chef and also an advisor to Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move campaign, who insisted that Let’s Move is NOT moving away from food and nutrition, but rather is simply adding a greater focus to physical activity.

Oops? Whether or not this is true remains to be seen. For now, you can read more about this clarification in Nestle’s Food Politics blog.

Let’s Move… away from talking about food??

I am a big fan of Let’s Move, Michelle Obama’s campaign to curb childhood obesity. The movement touts the slogan: “America’s Move to Raise a Healthier Generation of Kids” and they have done some wonderful things related to health eating policies, such as working to revise the old food pyramid into the new and improved food plate.


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Looking to learn more about food policies?

Food Policy Person #1A Marion Nestle has posted a short blog highlighting some recently published books on food policy, food security, and food safety. Check it out!

Books about food politics: quick reviews

Add these to the required reading list! And of course, if you’re looking to learn more about food politics in general, check out her (appropriately titled) blog at (she has written quite a few excellent books as well!).