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Happy Early Thanksgiving!

While 2011 has been difficult for many, there’s still much to be thankful for this year, and this holds true in the food policy world. I could write a blog post about it, but I’ve been beaten to the punch by food/food policy/cooking expert and all around great guy Mark Bittman.  In this past Sunday’s The New York Times, Bittman creates a list (is it too early to start checking it twice?) on all he is thankful for that relates to food, food policy, hunger, farming, and other topics related to food. At the topic of the list is a shout out to food policy expert Marion Nestle, whose blog, Food Politics, is a big inspiration for me. Also making an appearance on the list are programs that help feed low-income families; groups, farmers, and journalists (Michael Pollan!) that support local and healthy food movements; and others who are working to make the world a better, cleaner, and healthier place. It’s a very nice piece that I encourage everyone to read and consider when celebrating Thanksgiving and eating (local??) turkey.

Happy Thanksgiving!